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This winter enjoy the maximum comfort
This winter enjoy the maximum comfort
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Uniting comfort.
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The best comfort to share.
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Ecombi lifestyle 2018

Ecombi PLUS is the only static storage heater on the market capable of giving you around the clock comfort from one single appliance. Its electronic charging control helps reduce energy consumption and gives you maximum control over your heating thanks to its daily and weekly programming feature and wireless remote control function, all in accordance with the EU Directive on Eco-Design (ErP).

The traditional storage heater systems are now obsolete as they are manually operated and offer users little control over their heating.  Elnur took the initial step with the Ecombi which was the first static storage heater capable of automatically adjusting its charge and reducing energy costs without compromising the around the clock comfort provided by storage heaters.

With the new Gabarrón ECOMBI PLUS we now have the very latest storage heater system giving you a wide range of benefits and unique features never before seen in storage heaters.


Ecombi PLUS comes with a new IEM control module (Integral Energy Manager), which assesses the energy consumption used by the appliance during the day, as well as the temperature readings taken and then automatically regulates the energy charge, adjusting it to suit your specific comfort needs.

The new IEM module also comes with a smart charge control. The system embeds new temperature readings in the core of the storage heater, which together with the temperature readings and the thermostat automatically determines the level of charge required. Giving you maximum precision for maximum savings.


The new Ecombi PLUS storage heater is fully programmable. You can individually programme the hourly and daily settings to suit your personal temperature requirements.

With the Ecombi PLUS you can choose from three operating modes:

AUTO – This operating mode is the key to comfort and energy saving with the Ecombi PLUS. You can use it to programme the storage heater’s hourly and daily settings to one of three temperature levels: comfort, Eco and anti-frost. Taking into account the programmed set-point temperatures at any given time, Ecombi PLUS will automatically regulate the daily charge in order to set the precise amount of charge for the following day.

MANUAL – The storage heater will maintain the programmed set-point temperature at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Always the same temperature. In this mode it will also automatically regulate the charge every day, whilst taking into account that there is one single fixed set-point temperature that is programmed for the whole day.

OFF – The storage heater is turned off. The display screen will only show the time.


Ecombi PLUS has three factory preset temperature levels: comfort at 21ºC, Eco at 18ºC and Frost-protection at 3ºC. These can be altered to programme the set-point temperature to the level that best meets your needs.


This guarantees you maximum comfort according to the programmed time. If you request a set-point temperature at a specific time, this function will activate the balancing heating element far enough in advance to give you the temperature you want when you want it.


This new function disconnects the balancing heating element for 30 minutes and then reconnects it at the temperature and set-point level programmed after this time elapses. When the open window function is activated, the storage heater continues to function and provide heat but if there is a sharp fall in temperature, because the room is being aired or because a window has not been shut properly, it is guaranteed that the balancing heating element disconnects and will not function for 30 minutes in order to try to offset the sharp fall in temperature detected in the room.


Gcontrol Showcase

The G control access system has been incorporated into the new electronics and enables you to control and manage the storage heaters from anywhere and at any time using Wi-Fi.

With Ecombi PLUS storage heaters it is possible to link up to a “G Control Hub” so you will be able to access the appliances from a mobile phone, tablet or PC using a free app. This new functionality is extremely beneficial for you to control your homes heating remotely and also for those who have second homes and need to charge appliances at short notice. Using remote Wi-Fi in this way enables you to have the house at the desired temperature when you arrive or from a distance you are able to cancel the programmed setting if you need to.


Ecombi PLUS comes with a new LCD screen that provides you with a large amount of useful information and data about the configuration and status of the storage heater at all times.

It is possible to see the chosen operating mode, the programmed settings, the temperature level for each time period, whether the G control hub is active for Wi-Fi control, whether the open window function is working, whether the balance heating element is working and the set-point temperature.

Another major innovation of the new Ecombi PLUS display is that you can see the current level of charge of the storage heater at any time.

New LCD display screen ecombi plus features

Enjoy maximum comfort and energy savings every day with Ecombi PLUS

Logo ErP Ready

ECOMBI PLUS is a new efficient heating solution that controls energy consumption and also optimises heat management. Not only is this system the most economic one, it is the only static storage heater currently on the market created for comfort and saving, in accordance with the Directive on Eco-Design (ErP).

Image Ecombi Plus red background

The smart ECOMBI PLUS system assesses daily energy consumption and heat loss in rooms in order to determine precise heat requirements and then effectively adjusts the energy charge required, so it only charges for the time required, relative to the amount of heat required. 

Thanks to these adjustments and daily automatic charge regulation, Ecombi PLUS can save up to 35% in energy consumption throughout the winter, which means significant savings without having to forego the level of comfort desired.

It is an excellent electrical heating solution, tailored to the needs of your requirements and to daily weather conditions. The new Ecombi PLUS is better able to adapt to changes in the weather and can automatically increase the charge as quickly as you and the weather conditions require.

It is highly recommended for all types of room and as it has no fan and is a very quiet appliance this includes bedrooms.

Ecombi is the most advanced storage heater currently on the market, designed to function in accordance with the Off-peak tariff, formerly known as cheap rate.

If you would like more information or to purchase Ecombi PLUS, please contact us on91 628 14 40 or

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