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  Storage water heater GTA Storage water heater GTS    
Water heater, horizontal or vertical fixing. Water heater, compact low capacity.  

ELNUR storage water heaters offer the best anti-corrosion technology in the market. This guarantee the best quality and a long lifetime. Protection against corrosion is complemented with a Magnesium anode.
Our range of GABARRON storage water heaters has a longer life time because their interior is made of a steel tank with a Titanium double lined 850ºC vitrified enamel, which provides a uniform thickness and perfect adherence. Thermal insulation is based on injected polyurethane between the steel tank and the exterior housing. This insulation is free of CFC and HCFC, environmentally friendly and a with a very low thermal conduction coefficient. This provides a lower consumption and higher energy savings.

Gabarrón offers you two versions of water heaters:

  • Vertical or horizontal fixing, GTA versions, 30-200 litres.

GTA range can be adapted to any space restriction due to the different options offered in sizes and capabilities. Every single GTA storage water heater can be fixed in a vertical or horizontal position (water connections to the left side).

GTA range of storage water heaters offer two separated and sheathed electric resistances. Life time will be longed because water chemical components will not be in contact with them and will not affect them.

These heating elements can be replaced without emptying the water heater. By including two, water heater performance can continue if one of the resistances fails.Heating elements are bent at a certain angle in order to reduce the water heating time when the device is installed in a horizontal position, achieving a higher energy efficiency.

The exclusive water inlet diffuser allows a smooth and soft water entrance to the tank, avoiding the water mixing and optimizing the heater performance.

The GTS range is the most compact of all storage water heaters, suitable for both under or over sink fittings.

All these ranges include a magnesium anode to protect against corrosion. Working life is extended and “iron/water” balance maintained.

Gabarrón water heater ranges are equipped with vitrified enamel tanks with high quartz content and 0% CFC insulation of category C level.

Formats: vertical wall-mounted or horizontal wall-mounted.
Outputs from 1200 W to 2400W.

GTA water heater  


Thermo-regulator with control knob.
Stainless Steel water inlets.
Steel tank with a Titanium double lined 850 ºC.
Magnesium anode.
Safety non return valve.
GTS water heater  


Vitrified steel tank.
Magnesium anode.
Shielded elements.
Thermo-regulator with control knob.
Luminous indicator.
Safety valve and insulating dielectric hoses included.

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